Friday, 19 February 2010

Simrad New NSE Multi Function System for Sailboats

Simrad have launched their ultimate NSE (North Star Edition) Multi-function Display System.

As we have discussed in earlier blogs it is difficult to keep up with the technological advances being made in electronic navigational aids. One day you purchase the absolutely, completely up to date and latest system, and the next day you discover it has already been superceded by the next leap in techno wizardry! What happened to the good old days when life was simple and we just used the wind and our sails?! The best you can do is resign yourself to this phenomenon and purchase the best system that suits your needs and pocket at the time. You can thereafter drool at all the new developments as they arrive and then replace your system at some future time of your choosing and necessity.

The following is an extract from the .au website, sailing category:

Building on the Simrad NSE's combination of best-in-class radar, chartplotter and sonar technology, the new NSE 2.0 software puts users in complete control of a range of integrated functions, making it possible to control and monitor almost every system on the boat through a single user-friendly interface.

Taking control of autopilot functions is easier than ever. NSE 2.0 software combines the world's best performing autopilot system with the brilliant NSE displays, allowing users to combine charting, autopilot and vessel pages for unprecedented vessel control. Additional screens can be simply added where needed.

The new software also integrates NSE with Navico's impressive new StructureScanT sonar imaging technology, which delivers life-like imaging of underwater structures. StructureScan incorporates SideScan and DownScanT imagery. The addition of exclusive DownScan Overlay over traditional sonar adds a new dimension to fishfinding, clearly separating fish from structure.

Using innovative Czone digital switching technology, it is also now possible to control and monitor almost any system on the boat from an NSE display. Lights, bilge pumps and tank levels are among the functions that can be operated, monitored and adjusted at the touch of a button.

The ability to monitor and adjust fuel and power settings from the NSE unit allows users to moderate energy consumption and reduces the overall running costs.

The Simrad NSE series of multifunction displays is compatible with some of the most powerful innovations in marine technology, including the award-winning BR24 Broadband RadarT, the HD Digital Radar, the BSM-1 Broadband Sonar Module and the GS15 High-Speed 5Hz GPS antenna.

Simrad HD Digital Radars and the Broadband Radar now support True Motion Radar Display, so moving vessels can be instantly distinguished from fixed objects and land, which can be highly-reassuring in poor weather conditions. In addition, Broadband Radar near-range performance and usability has been optimised with the addition of High-Speed Antenna Rotation. With increased target update rates, early detection and tracking of high-speed radar targets is a given.

Simrad has also added the capacity to show MARPA targets on the chart screen and added floating VRMs (Variable Ring Markers) and EBLs (Electronic bearing Lines) for more effective radar plotting.

These impressive new software enhancements will be available in May for download from or by contacting your authorised Simrad dealer.

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In addition this system includes AIS, so in its entirety it can supply you with your total electronic navigational requirements.

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