Saturday 25 August 2012

Cruising Sailors Sail Cover Measuring Procedure

The time will come at some point in your sailing adventures when the mainsail cover on your yacht will need replacing. There are many ways of measuring up for a new sail cover, but obviously if you have a well proportioned measurer, tape (measuring and gaffer) in hand to do the heavy lifting, it makes for a much more simple and pleasant task for the camera operator!

Whilst viewing this instructional video please keep your eyes on the highlighted instructions for each step at the bottom of the screen. Missing one of them could upset the correct sequence!

Other considerations you will need to take into account are:

What type and weight of material do you wish to use.

Colour and edging.

Cutouts for lazy jacks and goosenecks etc

Securing material - most likely velcro - keeping in mind the effects of UV over time.

Depending on your budget you may also look around the deck to see what other items could do with protective covering.

Here are a few to think about having covers made for: hatches, dorades, GPS pod. If your outboard motor is clamped to the pushpit rail, a cover for that is also good practice.

If you have a teak deck and your boat is going to be stored on the hard for any length of time in tropical waters, then having a cover made shielding the teak decking is worth considering. When installed this would be stretched tight from the toe rails so there is air space between it and your deck.   

The more covering you afford your floating home at this time is money well spent as over the longer term it will pay for itself. And, if at some time in the future you wish to sell your boat, price is very much determined on the overall condition of her. Dollars spent now will pay dividends in the future. 

You can read much more about canvas care and general maintenance of you sailboat when cruising in my ebook 'Sailing Adventures in Paradise', downloadable from my website