Monday 9 June 2014

Adventure 40 Everymans Cruising Sailboat Exciting Progress

The saga of the Adventure 40 cruising sailboat over at Attainable Adventure Cruising goes on with the exciting release of the preliminary design drawings off the board of Eric de Jong.

As you will remember from our initial post on the Adventure 40 of December 2013, the whole concept is to put on the market a strong, virtually indestructable and completely reliable fast cruising yacht. The finished product to sell for no more than US$200,000 so that it falls within the affordable price range for many sailors that may otherwise be eliminated from the marketplace. 

This will open up the opportunity to many more cruising sailors to realise their dream of setting sail on their 'adventure of a lifetime' and cruising the oceans of our planet.

The project is really gaining traction now and creating quite a buzz as can be seen from John's latest blog from a few days ago having already pulled close to one hundred comments.

Sign ups from interested folks in pursuing an Adventure 40 further have almost doubled from the eighty or so on hand back in December of last year.

Here are images of the drawings:

Hull shape showing cutwater and transom

Cross section of hull and keel

Lateral of hull

Preliminary of A40 lines
To view the rest of the details and bring yourself up to speed on progress you can go to John's latest blog on the AAC website. Here is the link:

With the effort and design work going into this project and the momentum it now has it looks like the Adventure 40 could come to fruition in good time. Much work to be done yet of course, but looking good at this point and we wish them all the best in rapid progress to the next stage.  
Images courtesy Attainable Adventure Cruising

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