Monday 24 March 2014

Electric Power Winch Driver for Sailboats by Winchrite

Our post of 23 August 2013 about my friend Mark Clarke and family cruising in the Baltic and the Russian coast showed the Milwaukee power drill he uses for electrically driving his winches on s/v Bear.

Another product is the Winchrite by Sailology, a purpose built electrically powered winch handle, practical and easy to use. Here is a product description and specifications taken from the Sailology website 

Winch Rite is an affordable, light-weight, safe, cordless electric winch handle designed specifically for use on sailboats. All weather resistant design and extended battery life make the WinchRite a perfect addition to your sailing gear!
Winchrite electric handle by Sailology
The cordless Winch Rite handle produces great torque at variable speeds and was designed with safety in mind. It features an integrated rubber inlay for anti-skid prevention and a weather resistant cover for increased durability and protection. The winch cog contains a unique drive to prevent failure in both rotation directions and will not unthread or snap the retaining screw.

This electric winch handle works on all single and two speed winches where a standard eight point handle is utilized. Operate the WinchRite handle at the lowest speed of your winch to ensure maximum pull and the lowest battery consumption.

Winch Rite Technical Specifications:

Winchrite holster
Exterior housing: Composite of ABS and PC plastics resulting in superior durability and strength.
Drive: Integrated standard winch cog of stainless steel.
Torque: Achieves 110+NM (81 lb/ft) of torque to stall
Rotation:50-110rpm via variable speed technology in both directions allowing for two speed winch rotations.
Battery: Internal rechargeable 21.6V Lithium
Weight: 6.2 lb/2.8kgs.
Included with WinchRite:
100-220 volt AC shore power
12 volt DC Trickle charging device
Drive Cog
Storage tote bag

Here is another video showing more features: 

The Milwaukee power drill option also holds currency with cruising sailors and you can go to the Cruisers Forum website
to update yourself on the discussion.

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Sunday 2 March 2014

Ebook Global Readers 'Read an Ebook Week' from Smashwords

Smashwords, the global ebook aggregator is once again running their 'Read an Ebook Week'. This is the sixth year and like everything in the ebook world it is expanding at an incredible rate. Smashwords has to be one of the success stories in the electronic publishing world for independant authors.

In the six short years from a standing start in 2008 when they had ninety authors and published one hundred and forty titles only, Smashwords has grown into a giant. At last count for years end 2013, they now have 83,700 authors signed up, publishing globally a whopping 276,100 titles! 2014 should see another year of massive growth. 

Smashwords distribute to ten or so retailers and libraries around the world, with the main ones being Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

I have three titles available and for this 'Read an Ebook Week' only, March 2 - 8 all three titles are available absolutely free. Just got into Smashwords website and search the title bar to find my books.

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