Saturday 28 December 2013

Brand New Affordable Ocean Going Sailboat Concept Launched

The folks over at Attainable Adventure Cruising, John and Phyllis, have excited us all with the announcement right at the close of 2013, of the launch of their 'Adventure 40' ocean sailboat cruiser concept. This project has been in the pipeline now over a two year period with John having penned fourteen posts related to his vision during that time. You can view them all on their website Attainable Adventure Cruising at

Adventure 40 lines in preliminary drawing
Following many suggestions from a host of cruisers (all with their own opinions and ideas!) who collectively have sailed millions of sea miles to most parts of the globe including huge experience in the harshest of environments of the high latitudes, a projected design has come off the board of Erik de Jong.

Erik de Jong on board Bagheera self designed and built
 With the increase of vessel size in recent years and cost of fitting out, it has pushed the 'all up' price way out of reach of a lot of otherwise passionate cruising sailors who would love to put to sea on their 'adventure of a lifetime' voyage. 

The whole thrust of the Adventure 40 concept was to mass produce a brilliant, rugged, sea kindly, tough, go anywhere sweet looking craft at an affordable price. That cut off point is USD200,000, completed, fully fitted out and ready to go. Following much research and enthusiastic follow up by Erik, he has come back with confidence that that target can be met. With his experience in the commercial design sector of the marine industry, you can be pretty sure that this target can be achieved. 

The key of course is going be able to have the ability to build this boat in large numbers and to date 97 people have signed up to the project. This an exciting number and I would expect that many more will sign on in the near future now that this announcement has been made.

Like all projects of this nature, they are quite some time in incubation, when suddenly critical mass is reached and they take off. The Adventure 40 project in one such of these and 2014 will be an exciting year for her.

Here is the link to John's latest blog post where you can read all the finer details of progress and comments

We all wish the very best of luck for much progress in 2014.

Images courtesy Attainable Adventure Cruising

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