Tuesday, 22 January 2008

New from Lewmar - One Touch Winch Handle now for Smaller Boats

Lewmar - OneTouch Winch Handle from Lewmar is now Designed for Smaller Boats.

In 2006, the Lewmar OneTouch Winch Handle took the sailing industry by storm, winning the 2006 DAME Design Award. Now the same easy-to-use one-handed design is available in an 8-inch version for smaller boats.

Like the original 10-in. version, the smaller winch handle has the same patented "OneTouch" mechanism to allow sailors to squeeze the release lever (which runs the entire length of the handle) and pull to unlock in one quick, easy motion.

Yet, thanks to its more compact size, the 8-in. OneTouch is easier to manoeuvre within the tight confines of a smaller cockpit.

"Using the OneTouch is a breeze - to lock in, simply squeeze and attach. All it takes is one hand. There's no twisting, or fumbling with the lock in knob" says Matthew Townsend Lewmar's hardware product manager. "It's designed to provide sailors with a stylish, powerful and easy-to-use handle that offers rapid and simple winch entry and exit."

The OneTouch has been used in a variety of competitions, including the TP52 fleet and Open 60s, according to Townsend.The One Touch is constructed of lightweight forged alloy and is corrosion resistant for years of performance under harsh conditions. It's available in Standard Grip or Power Grip starting at $79.50, £41 inc VAT. or €63 (retail ex VAT).

The mechanism employs two pins that automatically retract into the bi-square when the handle arm is squeezed. These pins extend when the handle arm is released, and provide a secure lock that prevents the handle from being inadvertently knocked out of the winch. Insertion or removal of the handle is now achieved in one quick and easy operation instead of fumbling with traditional bi-square locks.

Reproduced courtesy of Voiles News, internet magazine and Lewmar

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