Sunday, 20 January 2008

Keeping in Touch

Keeping in touch with Family & Friends

Even in these days of constantly improving communications, it can still be difficult to ensure that you keep all of your family and friends up to date with your whereabouts, your progress so far and your plans for the next part of your journey.

Tell one, tell all.

YachtPlot is a simple, low cost way of ensuring that all of your family and friends are kept up to date with your progress and/or location. Whether you are on a long term voyage or simply cruising for the summer season, tell us where you are and where you are going, and your friends and family can keep track of your progress via your own mini web site. Access to your details are limited by password, so you can restrict your information to only those you want to know it.
Tell us any way you like.

We recognise that keeping in touch with even one person on a regular basis is sometimes awkward. That's why we provide such a variety of methods. You can update your own information from an internet-connected computer without special software anywhere in the world. Alternatively, you can submit your position reports by email, SMS text message, Inmarsat text, fax - in fact any way you like, as long as it's in writing or print.

A comprehensive service for the voyaging yacht. is a managed service, which provides the following for yacht captains and crew.
A password protected mini web site for the yacht including optional pictures and biographical details.

'Where are we now?' with links to an on-line mapping system.
A bulletin board so that a message can be posted for all visitors to read.
A trip log so that visitors can track your progress and your comments on the voyage.
A secure self-contained mini-message system .
All administered by ex-cruising sailors who have been there, done that!

Reproduced courtesy of Yachtplot and Noonsite

You can read more about keeping in touch with family and friends in my ebook 'Voyage of the Little Ship 'Tere Moana' on my website

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