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Velocitek Handheld Speed and Data Device

Velocitek Speed and Data Device

SC 1

Velocitek SC-1 GPS Heading and Speed
The Velocitek SC-1 is an extremely powerful sail training tool that combines a 100% waterproof high-accuracy GPS Speedometer/VMG Sensor with a Compass, Timer, and 40 hour GPS data logger.

The Velocitek SC-1 harnesses the power of GPS to give you the functionality of a complete instrument suite in a self-contained device that can be mounted anywhere on your boat. The SC-1 installs in seconds and does not require any external wiring or through hull transducers.
In addition to providing real-time speed, heading and VMG information, the SC-1 also stores and organizes speed, heading, position, and time records for your most recent 40 hours of sailing. When you're racing away from home, bring your Velocitek SC-1 with you and you will be able to capture a complete record of your performance on each day of the event. When you get home you will be able to easily download the automatically sorted tracks for replay and analysis on your PC.

The Velocitek SC-1 GPS Race Computer is designed to work seamlessly with both Google Earth and GPS Action Replay to allow you to easily download, view and analyze the GPS data recorded while you were on the water.
About Velocitek. Velocitek, LLC was founded in Dan Kaseler's Raptor design loft, in Port Angeles, Washington. Dan Kaseler was the designer of the sail used by Finian Maynard to break the absolute world speed sailing record in April. An Aerospace Engineer consulted heavily with Dan Kaseler to design the S3.

Velocitek is now located in Paia, HI. Our strategic location on the island of Maui allows the constant testing and refinement of our products in extreme conditions. Velocitek engineers can come up with a new concept in the morning and have professional athletes testing it in the afternoon. Velocitek's mission is to provide useful, easy to use, high-tech training tools for windsport athletes.

Reproduced courtesy Mauri Pro Sailing and Velocitek

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