Sunday, 31 August 2014 Marine Wind Forecaster for Sailors

In these times when we often feel we are suffering from information overload, and it is no different for the sailing community, along comes a programme that is really useful. is one of these computer programmes which is extremely useful to all sailors including  cruising sailors. 

PredictWind, a New Zealand development, has been around for a few years now, but it has been continually updated, tweaked and improved with new features regularly added. This today makes it an extremely sophisticated and very accurate programme which whilst it has many many features, it is very user friendly and could become an essential part of a cruising sailors armoury in predicting winds and calculating departure dates, best routes to take etc.

Here are some videos giving you an overview of what the system is capable of:

You can go into their site at and explore. Check out the extensive 'Who's using PredictWind' and you will see many glowing and positive reviews from a large number of world class sailors of all nationalities.

It is available for downloading onto your computer, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

There is a three tier price structure starting with Basic at $9 / 3months, Standard at $79 / 3 months and Professional at $199 / 3 months. You would need to go to the Standard option for 'Departure Planning' and 'Route Planning'.

There is also a Free option which includes a seven day forecast as part of the package.

PredictWind is included in the top ten most valuable computer programmes for sailors.

You can read more about wind and weather forecasting and conditions in my book 'Sailing adventures in Paradise' downloadable from my website

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