Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Interlux Paints New Boat Paint App for Smartphones

For all you paint happy cruisers out there salivating over the next boat painting project?! there is now an app for your smartphone to pore over. From Interlux Marine Paints, the app can be downloaded for iPhones, and iPads. It is not clear if it is yet available for Android devices, however most cruisers have an iPad on board these days so the app can be downloaded into it and the Android version will soon follow.
Interlux app installed on smartphone 
The following are the features for the Interlux Boat Paint Guide app:

A quick reference guide which gives you all the detailed information about the various Interlux paint products and which one might be the right one for your boat.

App contents
Next, there is a built in paint calculator to estimate how much paint you will need for your boat, so you won't need to go into those time consuming calculations (guesses?) you once needed......or multiple trips to the paint store!

It then gives you all the tips about the gear you will need, precautions to take and tips on health and safety whilst using the products.

App quick reference guide
Finally, when you are ready to make your purchases, no matter where you are, the app has a built in store locater to find your nearest dealer by address or your location.

The app can be found in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Interlux is the first on the market with this app and undoubtedly other marine paint manufacturers will follow with their own. In time they will be available for all devices making this time consuming job a more simple and pleasurable experience.

Images courtesy Interlux and Sail-world.com

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