Sunday, 2 March 2014

Ebook Global Readers 'Read an Ebook Week' from Smashwords

Smashwords, the global ebook aggregator is once again running their 'Read an Ebook Week'. This is the sixth year and like everything in the ebook world it is expanding at an incredible rate. Smashwords has to be one of the success stories in the electronic publishing world for independant authors.

In the six short years from a standing start in 2008 when they had ninety authors and published one hundred and forty titles only, Smashwords has grown into a giant. At last count for years end 2013, they now have 83,700 authors signed up, publishing globally a whopping 276,100 titles! 2014 should see another year of massive growth. 

Smashwords distribute to ten or so retailers and libraries around the world, with the main ones being Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

I have three titles available and for this 'Read an Ebook Week' only, March 2 - 8 all three titles are available absolutely free. Just got into Smashwords website and search the title bar to find my books.

Sailing Adventures in Paradise

Fishing Tales and Other Tales

Fitness and Exercise Fun for Baby Boomers and Seniors

You can also visit me on my website and catch up with my blog archives on sailing. I look forward to meeting you there. Happy reading.

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