Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sailing Adventures eBook in Smashwords Read an eBook Week Promotion Now On

Smashwords, the electronic book agregator who distribute a large range of eBooks to the major retailers are launching their annual 'Read an eBook Week' from March 03 to March 09 2013. 

The sale of eBooks has risen exponentially in recent years and with the ongoing rise in sales of electronic reading devices, tablets and smartphones, one can only think that this trend is going to continue into the future. 

In addition for the reader being able to 'one click' download their books, there is a considerable price incentive with most ebooks being no more, and very often even less than a third of normal retail price of the same book in hard copy. So you can see the attraction of ebooks and why there is going to be very strong growth in this market for many years to come as traditional hard copy book readers turn to this new and easier way of reading their favourite books.

Smashwords devote one week every year to promote ebook reading and call it 'Read an eBook Week' where many of their titles are available at large discounts and some even FREE.

My books are included in this promotion and available at the giveaway price of only one dollar. If you have an interest in sailing you can pick up my ebook 'Sailing Adventures in Paradise' 

Sailing Adventures in Paradise
My other two books are also available at this price and they are:

Fishing Tales and Other Tales
Fitness and Exercise Fun for Baby Boomers and Seniors

So if you are an avid reader, already a convert to ebook reading or just signing up as a newbie ebook reader, get along to now, click on the 'Read an Ebook Week' button and begin picking up all those wonderful bargains. 

I look forward to meeting you in there.

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