Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New Cruising Sailboat from Allures Yachting Arrives

The long awaited new 40ft cruising boat from the yard of Allures Yachting in Tourlaville,Cherbourg, France, is now under construction and due for launching shortly. It is called the 39.9 and not to be confused with their earlier Allures 40.

Allures 39.9 cruising sailboat
She is a brand new concept and built specifically with cruisers in mind and embodying many features that will make her attractive to potential buyers planning their 'adventure of a lifetime' at sea. If the decision is made to go for a yacht with a hull built from aluminium instead of grp or steel, then the new 39.9 from Allures will be well worth looking at.

The following press release gives more detail:

Compared to the Allures 40 which preceded it, this new model brings major advances. The Allures 39.9 is more powerful with a hull longer by two feet on the waterline and also wider at the beam.

About nine months of studies have been necessary for Racoupeau Yacht Design team and the Allures engineering department to develop the design of this new model. The boat is fully developed on a 3D model which enables the engineer to propose a very high standard of quality

The design, they say, has been built to strict specifications driven by many round-the-world sailors' feedback. She has all the characteristics of a true ocean-cruising sailing yacht, strong and resilient.

In line with the innovative design philosophy, she has a lifting-keel, an aluminum hull for safety and a composite deck for performance and comfort. This means in her normal configuration she has a very shallow draft, ideal for snugging into shore and away from the wind when at anchor.

This short video shows the Allures 45, bigger sister to the new 39.9: 
She also has twin helms, faired appendices, large lockers, technical room with light bunk, separate shower, dual chart table, swim platform lockers, saloon with outside view, she is really made for the high seas.

Twin wheels steering system offers outstanding comfort in navigation and optimizes the circulation to the swim platform. The large technical room in which a workbench or a sea bunk can be installed allows the owners to set numerous equipment for ocean sailing (generator, dessalinisateur, heating, machine washing, etc..). Finally the interiors offer a fresh and luminous style.

The Cherbourg based French shipyard is now building the first model, replacing the Allures 40. The hull has been built by the Garcia Yachting shipyard, well known for the excellent craftsmanship of their boilermakers.

The shipwrights are presently busy with the woodwork and you can see more of this new marque by visiting their website

The next delivery date available is in September 2013.

Specifications Allures 39.9:

Length: 12,65 m Gennaker : 72 m2

Maximum Beam: 4,15 m Spinnaker : 105 m2

Draft: 1,06 / 2,75 m Offshore category: 8 personnes

Displacement: 10,3 T Onshore category: 12 personnes

Air draft: 16,43 m Engine: 55 CV

Main sail: 42,6 m2 Architect: Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design

Images and video courtesy Allures Yachting

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