Friday, 30 September 2011

Sailboat and Yacht Cockpit/Deck Shower Head and Installation

When passagemaking in the tropics a shower head in the cockpit of your sailboat is a wonderful thing. Following on from a canvas bucket salt water shower and soap scrub, the freshwater rinse down, standing in the cockpit and basking in the warmth of the late afternoon sun is sublime.

Shower head fitting
 Here is an extract from my ebook 'Voyage of the Little Ship Tere Moana' describing the system we used whilst on passage in the Pacific:   

'Her crews’ ablutionary needs are somewhat more complex however, although the execution is quite simple. Every other day, or whenever the need takes them, the crew in turn, grab a canvas bucket, head for the amid ship deck area and strip off. Dousing themselves thoroughly with several buckets of sparkling sea water, they then set about themselves with a bar of salt water soap.

With vigorous application, this stuff lathers into a semblance of foam, sufficient enough anyway for the recipient to at least feel their skin has been attacked by some cleaning emollient.

Shower ready
 Several refreshing buckets later they make their way back to the cockpit and hose down with a final rinse of fresh water from the port shower hose fitting. This fresh water, sitting in the pipes, is always warm and therefore would be thought not to be refreshing. Actually, it is the most delicious way to finish off a salt water shower – the oohs and aahs of pure pleasure coming from her crew, as this welcome warmth cascades from head to toe, corroborates this for her. It is also economical in that only a litre or two of precious fresh water is used.

When finished, the crewmember feeling completely refreshed, launches themselves back into their rigorous duties with renewed vigour. Mid afternoon on a fine downwind tropical day.....'

It is also useful for sluicing down the cockpit area following the landing, gutting and cleaning of fish. This can be quite a messy procedure on board and in the tropical sun, all blood, scales and the like need to be washed away immediately. Blood especially can leave permanent stains on teak decking if not removed quickly.
There are many systems available on the market of course, the following animation video showing the installation of a Whale product being but one. You can check out their other products on their website

You can read much more about water conservation, the cruising life and daily maintenance chores in my ebook 'Voyage of the Little Ship Tere Moana' downloadable from my website

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