Monday, 25 July 2011

Halyard Lines: Lancelin Introduce New Millenium Cord for Sailboats

Halyards, like any other lines on your sailboat need replacing from time to time. Cordage companies are constantly researching and developing new and better products. Lancelin of France is one of the leaders in this field and have just launched their 'Millenium' product which is especially suitable for halyards.
'When next you are wanting to replace your aging halyards, there's a new line to check out. French rope manufacturer Lancelin have brought out Millenium, a new rope suitable for halyards. It is the combination of two fibres in the core that makes this a high performance rope with extremely low creep.

It is very pliable with a very good hand, easily spliced and excellent for halyards.
It also confers a good tension and abrasion resistance and ensures a good performance in jammers.

Technical specifications of the composition:
Cover: 24 plait Vectran® or aramid Technora® braid and polyester.
Core: 12 plait Dyneema® SK 75 and high modulus Vectran®.

Interesting in knowing more? If your local marine store cannot help you, Lancelin will be able to tell you where your nearest stockist is if you complete this form.

About French company Corderie Henri Lancelin:
Founded by Joseph Lancelin in 1917, now managed by Nicolas LANCELIN, fourth generation in the business, continues its progress in the world of yachting.

A hundred years of experience and research have allowed Corderie Henri Lancelin to reach an expertise in the manufacture of high-tech ropes and to develop an ability to respond to specific demands, either technical or aesthetic.'

Extract and image courtesy of Corderie Henri Lancelin, France

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