Thursday, 11 December 2008

MOB Rescue Grenade for Sailors

Wearing lifejackets at sea has always been an ambivalent issue for recreational sailors - we know we should be wearing one, but when the sun is out, the sea glittering, and the ship running under a fair breeze, the last thing we want is to be encased in a hot and sweaty jacket. This is not helped in that most lifejackets are also quite tight and restrictive to our body movements. This is an argument that can and does take up many an hour of dialogue between sailors.

Stormy Australia have tackled this question by producing a range of wet weather/lifejackets that can be worn with the comfort of normal jackets which can then inflate when entering water. You can see this range on their site

In addition, they now present a novel mob self inflating lifering device called the Stormy Rescue Grenade. This nifty device is packed in the form of a weighted grenade and can be thrown accurately in an instant to a mob in the water. Five seconds after hitting the water it self inflates by way of a small CO2 gas cylinder, the casing falls away, leaving a handy lifering which will stay inflated for 24 hrs.

They can be stowed anywhere in the cockpit and they come in a weatherproof bag so even if there is lots of water flying around, they will not self inflate until deployed.

At $55 each, a couple of these stowed within easy reach in your cockpit are cost effective and worthwhile peace of mind for any skipper.

Stormy Australia Sales Manager Dave Bellette says: 'The Stormy Rescue Grenade really fills a gap in the mob safety device range at an affordable price'.

Also, the NSW 'Westpac Rescue Helicopter' service have trialled them and pilot Tom Booth recommends it as an excellent device, well weighted for accurate throwing and having great ease of deployment.

Other uses spring to mind such as for rock fishermen, wharves that are used for fishing, lakesides, camping sites near open water, flood victims and in fact anywhere there is open water in which folks are liable to fall into from time to time.

Quotes and references courtesy Stormy Australia and Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service and images courtesy Stormy Australia.

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