Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Led cap lights

This cap light is ideal for hunting/tracking, night fishing, detail work, mechanical work, hiking, camping and much more.

Lightweight, compact light engineered to withstand extreme conditions and rugged use. Quick!Light is powered by lithium coin cell batteries for 20-48 hours of ultra bright light from three LED bulbs with 10,000+ hours of burn time each. Weighs only 1.24 ounces with batteries. Water resistant. Attaches to hat for the most practical, hands-free light source available. Quick!Light is an essential tool for the professional and recreational outdoorsman, mechanic, hobbyist or anyone who needs ultra bright, hands-free light.Lithium Batteries Included.Choose from:Green Lights,Red Lights,White Lights.

These lights can be purchased as a clip on accessory or built in to the peak and are operated at the push of a button.

Whilst they have some gimmick value and no doubt could be quite handy for looking into difficult to access areas at night, serious sailors are unlikely to use them extensively and certainly not at night on deck.

Night vision is paramount whilst on watch and these led lights are quite powerful. It would be too easy to turn the light on to look at something and then unconsciously swing your head around and blind the other person on watch - I would suggest the red light variety would be better for sailors as the light impact would be far less and they would also be more suitable for viewing charts etc.

Fortunately they can be turned on and off at the push of a button, and as they have arrived on the market we will no doubt see them everywhere for some time to come. If you are planning on falling overboard at night a good idea would be to sew a chin strap to the cap so at least it remains in position! This would assist the searching vessel to get back to you rather than chasing a floating and brightly lit cap!

You can read more about night vision when sailing in my book 'Voyage of the Little Ship 'Tere Moana' on my website www.sailboat2adventure,com

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