Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sailing Odyssey Malaysia to the Mediterranean via Red Sea

Some people just never know when to stop! One of our members Lloyd Price, is one such of these folks. Having cruised the coastal waters of Australia, then onto Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo, Brunei over a six year period, he then sets sail to the Med via Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Oman, Yemen, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt and finally through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea.

Deja vu111 in the Red Sea, Sudan
He owns and sails a Seawind 1000 (10mtrs.) catamaran named Deja vu111. I haven't asked him what the 111 signifies, but I am sure he has a story to tell behind that? he is a passionate promoter of this class of vessel and had no inclination after all these years and sea miles to change to any other type of vessel. She has been his home now for ten years and he shows no sign of giving up his odyssey any time soon. 

  • Overall Length:                            10.00 metres
  • Beam:                                      5.9 metres
  • Draft:                                     1.0 metres
  • Displacement:                              5.5 tonnes
  • Underwing Clearance:                       0.75 metres
  • Steering Twin Helms Cable Steering:
  • Engines: 2 x 9.9hp, High Thrust,
  • Engine Stroke:                              4 Stroke,
  • Outboards Yamaha Outboards
  • Fuel:                                       100 litres
  • Fresh Water:                              400 litres
  • Layout of Deja vu111
  • Holding Tanks:                              90 litres
Having recently completed his circular route of the Mediterranean, he has exited through the straits of Gibralter, cruised down the Morrocan coastline past Casablanca, and currently enjoying the delights of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, prior to crossing the Atlantic into the Caribbean. With over 38,000 nautical miles under his belt/keel, Lloyd can truly consider himself a highly experienced and seasoned sailor. 

He has his own website and blog where you can keep up to date  with his sailing exploits and travels.

Lloyd has recently published a book 'A Sailing Odyssey-Malaysia to the Mediterranean', of his voyage experiences in Deja vu111 on that passage. It is available on Amazon both in hard copy and ebook on this link It is crammed full of seagoing episodes and technical incidents both good and challenging, so very worthwhile reading. Any sailor contemplating ocean voyaging will enjoy and learn by reading Lloyd's book. 
Lloyds book as it appears on Kindle Books
When he has caught his breath and safely tucked away in the Caribbean, he plans on writing the next chapter of his odyssey and publish a book on his experiences in the Med. We wish Lloyd every success with this, his first book and continued great sailing.

Boat specs. and images courtesy Lloyd Price

You can read much more about ocean voyaging in my book 'Sailing Adventures in Paradise' including '101 dollar Saving Tips for the Ocean Voyager', downloadable from my website   


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