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Sexy New Sailboat/Yacht Deck Organiser from Spinlock

As always we are on the lookout for new and innovative products from marine equipment manufacturers. Spinlock, the globally renowned deck hardware manufacturers have just released a new deck organiser for smaller boats and won this years DAME award with it in the sails and rigging category.

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Spinlock T25 Deck Organiser
The 22nd annual DAME awards for marine design have announced the company Spinlock as winners in the deck equipment, sails and rigging category. The winning design was for boats under 28 feet, and with superyachts getting so much design attention these days it's nice to see some attention paid to smaller boats.

Their T25 Organiser was designed for the smaller boat deck, a multiple-line organiser which is micro-sized for smallest weight, windage, and deck footprint.

The DAME jury were impressed with the smart design, as well as its space saving and cost reduction qualities.

Spinlock’s Design and Development Director, Chris Hill, commented: 'The new T25 Organiser is a perfect fit for the OEM boat builder and developing innovative deck layouts. The award is a fantastic achievement for the whole Spinlock team and for delivering another category winner.'

Their unique modular design uses a kit of fine-detail, composite mouldings - halving the number of different parts required to produce all multiples from 2 to 6 x 25mm sheaves. Subtle stainless steel details add local stiffness and prevents line abrasion.

Larger version

Like Spinlock’s larger T38 and T50 organisers (pictured above), the T25 is designed to cope where more lines are needed within the same footprint. Uniquely, the T25 integrates the new BE10/2 or BE10/3 multiple bullseye on top to guide the lighter loaded lines.

New low profile double and triple bullseyes leads (BE10/2 and BE10/3) either stack on top of the T25 to group extra lines within the same footprint or can be mounted directly on deck using M5 fasteners.

Technical details:

Sheave Diameter/Type: 25mm composite

SWL per sheave: 400kg

 Total SWL per unit: No. of sheaves x 200kg

Line Diameter: Up to 10mm

Fasteners: M5 CSK

For more information go to the Spinlock website at where you can discover more about this product plus view their complete range.

Article courtesy Sail-World, images courtesy Spinlock

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What an awesome design. Thanks Spinlock.