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AIS/GPS Personal Survival Recovery System for Sailors

Personal Survival Recovery Systems for saillors have, like all technology, been making rapid advances in recent years. Another breakthrough is about to arrive on the scene with the introduction of the Kannad Marine Safelink R10 SRS.

This unit now heads the way for personal MOB recovery systems. Combining GPS and AIS technology, it will make the recovery of a MOB that much faster. The time an MOB spends in the water is of paramount importance and the sooner they can be recovered the better chances are of survival. This becomes more critical the higher the latitudes are where the MOB has gone overboard.

You will see toward the end of the video demonstration how the co-ordinates overlay on the chart plotter, giving the course to steer back to the MOB for rapid retrieval. 

The following article comes courtesy Sail-World with extract for operation of the unit from the Kannad Marine website    

'With the approval this week of the Safelink R10 SRS (Survivor Recovery System) by the USA's FCC (Federal Communications Commission), a new level of survivor recovery technology is reached. The small device, which combines GPS and AIS technology in a personal locator beacon, was the Overall Winner of the Pittman Innovation Awards, but had to wait approval before going on sale.

The revolutionary SafeLink R10 is a world-first personal AIS device, designed to be worn by anyone who spends time on the water for work or leisure purposes.

R10 in action demonstrations:

Intended to be attached to a lifejacket and activated by individuals in difficulty at sea, the innovative R10 uses both GPS and AIS (Automatic Identification System) technology to send structured alert messages containing precise location information to AIS equipment onboard the vessel that the individual has come from and other AIS equipped vessels within about a four mile radius. In a man overboard situation, chances of finding and recovering the casualty are greatly increased, thanks to information given by the R10 which for the first time shows bearing and distance to the man in the water.

This week, Kannad Marine, a business of the Orolia Group announced that the device has been formally approved for sale in the US by the FCC.

'With this FCC certification, the United States joins a growing list of countries worldwide that have granted type approval for the SafeLink R10 SRS,' said McMurdo Ltd Global Sales Director Ross Wilkinson.

For more information about the SafeLink R10 SRS and other Kannad Marine products, visit  Dealers interested in the R10 and other Kannad products should contact the US distributor, Survitec Survival Products, 1+904.562.5900.

Introducing the SafeLink R10 SRS (Survivor Recovery System), the first of its kind, a personal AIS (Automatic Identification System) device designed to be fitted to a lifejacket and assist in Man Overboard recovery.

The SafeLink R10 transmits target survivor information, including structured alert messages, GPS position information and a unique serialised identity number back to the onboard plotter*. An inbuilt high precision GPS receiver provides accurate position information to assist in quick recovery of survivors.It will transmit continuously for a minimum of 24 hours and has a 7 year battery storage life.

It also features a flashing LED indicator light; to aid detection at night and a self test facility with battery use indication.'
How SafeLink R10 SRS Works:

SafeLink R10 SRS must be mounted on a lifejacket using the attachment clips provided, prior to going to sea

R10 SRS is activated manually in an emergency situation

A unique emergency alert is transmitted to all AIS receivers and AIS enabled chart plotters within a 4 mile radius (typical)

An AIS SAR emergency icon signals the requirement for urgent help in a Man Overboard situation.

Precise target survivor information including GPS position becomes viewable when the chart plotter cursor is positioned over the emergency alert icon Provides exact location, range and bearing to locate person(s) in need of assistance.

The SafeLink R10 SRS can be manually activated in two easy steps: When installed in the lifejacket the orange safety tab should be released, this ‘arms’ the R10 ready for use. To use, first inflate the lifejacket. When it is inflated, pull the orange tab downwards to pull the red cap off the R10. This will deploy the antenna and automatically switch ON the R10 SRS.

If professionally fitted to a lifejacket, the R10 SRS can become semi-automatic in operation, the action of the lifejacket inflating triggers the activation of the R10 SRS.

About Kannad Marine:

Kannad Marine is a world leading brand of safety and emergency location beacon products, including EPIRBs, PLBs and SARTs, designed specifically with the marine leisure user in mind. The high quality product range is manufactured in the UK utilizing the very latest technology available and in partnership with the world’s safety regulatory organizations.

About Orolia SA:

Orolia is a high-technology group specialized in precise Positioning, Navigation and Timing. Orolia provides high-precision electronics equipments that generate, distribute, measure and process the High-precision Time & Frequency signals that Critical Operations use to detect, trace, control, analyze or synchronize time and location-critical events.

Articel courtesy David Pilvelait of, instructions for use and images courtesy Kannad Marine

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